Calorious Beta

1. Take a picture of what you eat and anonymously upload it

2. Sit back, relax as calorie estimates for your meal arrive right on your phone.

There's more...

Track your food and weight progress along with your daily calorie budget.

Explore restaurants and discover healthy places. Browse through menus along with calorie count to pick items that still fit in your calorie budget.

Get real time feedback as others mark your meals healthy or sugary. Find your way on to the honors board and keep yourself motivated!

Our Story

Calorious' story has two main characters - Shay & Mike. It all started when Shay's mom was looking for an easy way to track her food. She tried many apps but gave up after finding them overwhelming and too complicated for her needs.

There's got to be an easier way! Shay got working on a basic calorie tracker app. Shay's mom tested the simple app and loved it! She wanted all her friends to use it and could not wait to share it. To make a real app Shay would need help - Enter Mike.

If there was one person who was even more excited about Calorious, it was Mike! Over the course of next few months, Shay and Mike spent every waking hour learning the different requirements of creating and releasing an app.

Cut to today...we are excited and proud to finally present Calorious Beta to you all! Our hope and dream is that it is useful to you and plays a role in making the world a healthier place. It is a simple calorie tracker app that gets better with each use and best of all, it is mom approved!

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